May 26, 201828m
A Boarding School For Boko Haram?
May 26 '1828m
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Why some schools are sending their students out to beg in northern Nigeria. Kate Adie introduces stories from correspondents around the world: Colin Freeman hears how students at some madrassas in Maiduguri are vulnerable to jihadi recruiters for Boko Haram, and he learns why going out to beg is part of the school timetable. No one is suffering - one senior government figure in Venezuela tells Katy Watson; despite the country's continuing economic collapse, the people going hungry and the shortage of essential medicines. Tim Luard finds that China's influence in Sri Lanka is growing, meaning locals now find some places are out of bounds. In India, Melissa Van Der Klugt meets the craftsmen of Mandvi who are keeping alive the 400-year old skill of making wooden boats by hand. And in the Portuguese capital, Paddy O'Connell finds Lisboners sit in a nutcracker caught between short-term holidaymakers and digital nomads - but is Paddy part of the problem?

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