Jun 21, 20180m
Christopher Quinn
Jun 21 '180m
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Director Christopher Quinn joins Matt & Michelle this week to talk about his new film EATING ANIMALS, the USDA and the beginning of the end of factory farming. Also, Matt and Michelle are all about old-school cereals, regrettable fast food choices and MC Hammer this week….join us! Use the Promo Code THUGKITCHEN at Daily-Harvest.com to get three FREE Daily Harvest cups Visit MeUndies.com/FORKED for your TWENTY PERCENT OFF your first pair, FREE shipping and a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Satisfaction Guarantee Visit any MedMen location in Southern California and Nevada and tell them you heard about MedMen on FORKED UP for $10 off your purchase! Check out DIGSTER.FM/THUGKITCHEN to SHARE and LISTEN to the Forked Up playlist.

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