Jul 5, 201852m
Chef Todd Richards
Jul 5 '1852m
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Join Matt and Michelle as they welcome Chef Todd Richards as they discuss his new cookbook, SOUL: A CHEF'S CULINARY EVOLUTION IN 150 RECIPES, as well as the continued proliferation of soul food into modern cooking and the influence of music and family in his work. Also, our plant-based duo are focusing this week on exercising, cauliflower smoothies, America doing GREAT at things and why "smart" homes are freaking us out. Jump over to MeUndies.com/FORKED for your TWENTY PERCENT OFF your first pair, FREE shipping and a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Satisfaction Guarantee Check out DIGSTER.FM/THUGKITCHEN to SHARE and LISTEN to the Forked Up playlist. Visit GetQuip.com/Forked to get your first Quip Toothbrushes refill pack FREE!

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