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May 12, 201940m
For All Mum Kind with Emma Dowling
May 12 '1940m
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Welcome to the seventh episode of the podcast! Thank you to everyone that has been listening, messaging me and sharing the podcast. The response has been overwhelming and I am beaming with delight that the episodes are resonating with mums. This week I chat to Emma Dowling of Empowered Mama. Emma is a Pre and Post Natal Strength and Fitness coach, she is mum to Jacob, an entrepreneur and a believer in finding your inner power. Emma and I chat about celebrating the female body, speaking to your body as if she was your best friend and referring to your body as “her”. These small changes can change your mindset towards your body. Emma shares her thoughts on ‘bouncing back’ after having a baby and how we need to celebrate our new bodies. We also discuss how self care for all mums is so important and Emma shares that her self care is giving herself permission to rest, so she naps when Jacob naps without feeling guilty that the house is a mess. Emma also talks about her decision to bottle feed Jacob. As a health professional she knows that breastfeeding is best but she knew for her own mental health bottle feeding is what she needed to do. Emma found the thought of feeding being solely her responsibility a huge pressure and she couldn’t do it. Whether mums bottle or breast feed each mum needs love and support on their journey and every journey is individual to that mum. On a personal note I think this is a really beautiful episode, how Emma encourages woman to find their inner power, how to love their bodies by making a few small changes and her absolute honesty in what she needed to be a happy mum! Thank you to Emma for joining me for a chat and I hope you enjoy the episode. During this episode I refer to Orlaith Donlon [] and Emma mentions Sarah from The Better Life Project []. If you would like more information on Emma and her pre & post natal strength & fitness classes please visit her Instagram: Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

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