Episode 23 - The Michael Jordan Episode

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May 14, 20191h 37m
Episode 23 - The Michael Jordan Episode
May 14 '191h 37m
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Welcome to the 23rd weekly installment of Foamie and Buckets’ unnamed podcast. This week Foamie and the boys cover the following heart stopping subjects: -The Met Gala – Was Katy Perry a Burger or a Lamp this year? -Who do we want new music from? -What’s trending on YouTube? -Attempting to cop the new Travis Scott’s live on wax… didn’t go well - ALSO, OTHER STUFF Huge shout to our Sponsor @fatkiddeals on twitter! Best stuff. Crazy deals. Enough said. Thank you to Spencer Gill! A genuine music man. Connect with us on Instagram: @mrfoamersimpson @young_buckets @forrestcourtland Legally Binding Disclaimer: Foamie is STILL not a ginger, looks like Jon Snow, and has a great voice. Show some respect.

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