How do immigrants fit into the 'American Dream?'

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Nov 5, 201751m | se1 : e9
How do immigrants fit into the 'American Dream?'
Nov 5 '1751m | se1e9
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President Trump's stance on immigration is one of the messages that appealed to many voters in last year's presidential election. But one year out from the election there's a lot we still don't know about his platform: Will there be a wall along our border with Mexico? Are Trump's immigration bans legal? This week on Flyover, we're asking if America's immigration system is one of our greatest strengths weaknesses. This week's guests were Michel Marizco, Frontera's Desk senior editor at KJZZ; Efren Perez, associate professor at Vanderbilt University; and Tony Suarez, Executive Vice President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

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