Episode 3: Pisces Iscariot

Episode of: Flower Seize the Hour

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Jul 22, 201556m
Episode 3: Pisces Iscariot
Jul 22 '1556m
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In this episode, hosts Tim, Ryan, Greg, Matt, and Noah discuss Pisces Iscariot.  Ryan shows up late to the recording, but just in time to present his always contrarian opinions and controversial political views.  Meanwhile, the hosts discover Noah's talent for instantaneously recognizing any 80s hair metal cover song, and he shares a very personal story about Winger's rendition of Purple Haze.  And Greg saw a movie about dinosaurs.

Disclaimer:  Ryan is not, in fact, Ryan in this episode, but instead is being expertly impersonated by another, handsomer individual, who does not express the actual views and opinions of Ryan.

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