The Pin - Ep 1 - Home

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Aug 14, 201928m
The Pin - Ep 1 - Home
Aug 1428m
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The latest series from Ben and Alex, aka "The Pin", is a sketch-sitcom hybrid. The award-winning sketch duo are forced to record their latest series in their flat and the boys are glad of the new creative freedom this opportunity presents, away from the "prying eyes of the BBC". Unfortunately, their creative freedom is short-lived, thanks to numerous intrusions from the boys' unlucky neighbour Maria, Ben's mother and an AirBnB lodger who's in town for a stag party. The Pin At Home is written by Alex Owen and Ben Ashenden It stars: Alex Owen as Alex Ben Ashenden as Ben Pippa Haywood as Michelle Celeste Dring as Maria Ed Easton as Nick Jason Forbes as Audience Member and James McNicholas as Police Officer It was produced by Sam Michell A BBC Studios Production

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