Tom Wilson for the Hart-Throb Trophy

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Mar 27, 201837m | se1 : e24
Tom Wilson for the Hart-Throb Trophy
Mar 27 '1837m | se1e24
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Championships are either over or smack dab in the middle! I can’t tell if I’m stress drinking or if its just habitual. Crack one open and get all the info you can to win the week. I’m still surprised that Malkin and Letang are still playing! No one is really being sat to rest yet so lets keep on crossing our fingers boys and get into it. Today I’m going to go through day by day with the back to back goalie starts, Daily streamer bit, for hits PIMs, Blocks, and points. Who do you guys think is more handsome than Tom Wilson? Leon Draisaitl? Tyler Seguin? I dunno man, I think Wilsons got the Hart-Throb trophy. It’d be pretty wicked if you guys could give us a rating on iTunes, and subscribe if you’re diggin’ it. We have tons of stuff planned for the summer, and plan to keep things going. Give us a follow on social media, @FHFHockey on both twitter and Instagram. We’re there and happy to interact and answer any questions y’all got. Love you guys!

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