Nino Need-to-Re-Write-It

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Jan 10, 201840m | se1 : e17
Nino Need-to-Re-Write-It
Jan 10 '1840m | se1e17
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As is the custom whenever FHFH puts a new episode out... About halfway through editing, you find out the guy you've been suggesting for a lot of the episode is out until January 20th at the least. El Nino is out! But Alas! We still have backup plans available for you! With the bye week this week for a lot of teams, who should you target? How will you meet your Minimum goalie requirements? Why does Dezi hate his dope new Car Slide toy thing? Who are my best streaming options during this weird weekly schedule? When are all of my players returning from injury? Who is filling the positions of said injured players? Who is in a better role due to line changes? 6/7 of these questions get answered in this weeks episode. The answer to the 7th: We wouldn't let Dez eat the screws that went into his new toy. Get all your questions answered! And if we missed any, feel free to drop by @FHFHockey on twitter and Instagram, we're happy to respond as quickly as we can. Crack open a beer, pour yourself a drink, come get sauced up. Love you guys

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