Episode 56 | Full-Tilt like a Peterbilt

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Feb 26, 20191h 5m | se2 : e19
Episode 56 | Full-Tilt like a Peterbilt
Feb 261h 5m | se2e19
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Just another day in the NHL? Nah. Just about everyone on the trade bait board gets moved. With a couple exceptions, of course. Teams stocking up in the West, Columbus making an all out push, how does it move the needle for the players on the move? How does it impact the players left behind? We cover all the big moves, and how it impacts everyone affected. New teams, old teams, power play units, everything! If you are curious about some of the smaller moves, or if by chance there is something we left out feel free to hit us up @FHFHockey on twitter and we will be glad to give you our take on whatever is on your mind (within reason). And if you have questions you want answered on the next show, drop 'em on the timeline and we will talk about it next episode. If you're digging it, and are feeling generous, take a minute to leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you're listening from, please and thank you <3 we love you guys

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