Episode 25 | Zac's Back

Episode of: Five Hole Fantasy Hockey

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May 9, 201859m | se1 : e25
Episode 25 | Zac's Back
May 9 '1859m | se1e25
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Zac is back and we are back to business as usual! Kind of. To be honest here boys we barely talk about Fantasy Hockey. It’s basically an hour of me and Zac shooting the shit and getting back into it. We treated this episode as a test run, as we’ve never done the video call podcast thing. Huge thanks to the guys @KeepingKarlsson for walking me through the process to get the video jawn up and running. I don’t want to discount the episode, we do talk some hockey. The thing is most Fantasy Hockey seasons are over, and it’s way too early to start talking drafts or NHL Entry projections or what have you. So just treat this entire episode like the intro to the Roto Show, where it takes an hour or so to get into the content, and next weeks show will be the meat and potatoes eh? (Winky Face/Kissy Face) Love you guys. This episode was researched with help from Tito’s Vodka.

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