Save Us the Burnt Ends (guest: Davis Mattek)

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Nov 28, 201853m
Save Us the Burnt Ends (guest: Davis Mattek)
Nov 28 '1853m
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The fantasy football playoffs dead ahead, and host Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF) is joined this week by Davis Mattek (@Davis Mattek), a well-known fantasy and DFS pundit and the host of an excellent new podcast called The Taekcast. Davis discusses his wide-ranging pod, his past and future in podcasting, and what sort of compensation an archvillain’s henchmen might earn. With Pat and Davis about to clash in the Scott Fish Bowl playoffs, they chat a little about their SFB teams – the good picks, the bad picks, and FAAB money spent wisely and not-so-wisely. A Kansas City resident who grew up in Chiefs country, Davis talks about Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ excellent season (so far) and the possibility of Andy Reid blowing it all with a clock-management blunder. There’s also some discussion about golf and the best barbecue in Kansas City. Pat and Davis close the conversation with some chatter about a number of players, including Cam Newton, Austin Ekeler, Amari Cooper and Phillip Lindsay, Host: Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF) Guest: Davis Mattek (@Davis Mattek) Podcast produced by Colm Kelly (@OvertimeIreland) n association with Music provided by International Jet Set

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