Episode 61: Intuitive Eating with Dr. Kerri Fullerton

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Feb 26, 201955m
Episode 61: Intuitive Eating with Dr. Kerri Fullerton
Feb 26 '1955m
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This week, I am excited to interview one of my fave online docs, the leader of The Diet Rebellion herself, Dr. Kerri!

This naturopathic doc is an Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance Coach. She helps women escape the frustration, confusion, and the sense of defeat that comes from years of battling their weight.

Dr. Kerri created the Intuitive Eating Foundations Program for those who are ready to un-complicate food and get let go of comfort eating, stress eating and food guilt. YAY! Dr. Kerri helps the “Rebels” find peace and power within their bodies and their food.

What I love about Dr. Kerri’s work is her passion for raising a generation that DOESN’T look to their bodies for their happiness, self-worth or confidence. What a dream I know she is making come true with her work!! 

I know I want that for my girls for sure.

Dr. Kerri and I dive into what the Diet Rebellion is really about, how she got into it, what food freedom means and what exactly is “Intuitive Eating?”

Her loving Facebook group, “Applaud Your Bod” is where she shares great articles and info that will support you on your body loving journey to your best health.

Join us for this valuable conversation and don’t forget to share this episode with those in your life who are ready for this refreshing self-love message.

Dr. Kerri has a gift for you that you will find very valuable if you are ready to escape the diet cycle – The Diet Escape Plan!

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