Episode 46: Making Dreams Your Reality

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Oct 31, 201834m
Episode 46: Making Dreams Your Reality
Oct 31 '1834m
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I am so excited to share this message today with you FitMama.
I see so many women struggling with not realizing goals and dreams they set for themselves when they were younger.

Somehow having kids stifles our feeling of freedom and our “anything is possible for me” attitude we once had.

I share my story of selling our house and taking a trip around the world with our girls when they were 2&4, now 3 years ago.

The memories, experiences and freedom are worth it, but I share the sadness and hard times that need to be had en route.
Just like the work needed to write a book, start a business, raise children, go to work each day – there is work inherent in how we live. Especially when we have goals.

I talk about how painful it becomes to sit in that “comfort zone” knowing you’re not meant for this.

I talk this week about how to tell if a dream or goal is yours truly and how to know when to go for it.

What’s been stopping you from dreaming and achieving big things?
Is it your deflection of compliments, your desire to control or your need for perfection? Is it your constant seeking of things that “aren’t the way they should be”?

This is imperative to identify and move through, and I share it all on this week’s episode!!

Tune in now and take a break to listen within on this free mp3 download to help you shed the weight of feeling burdened.


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