Ep 25: Make it glamorous!! SLEEP

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May 1, 201832m
Ep 25: Make it glamorous!! SLEEP
May 1 '1832m
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There is nothing glamorous about weighing yourself and then judging yourself or speaking to yourself differently depending on your weigh in. There is nothing glamorous about yelling at yourself inside to get to the gym or stop eating this or that. This has to stop – imagine someone else weighing you in every morning and then berating you and restricting your food or upping your activity based on it. Imagine them saying all day to you out loud the negative words you say in your head?

This would be classified as abuse.


It’s a funny paradox that I have seen in my clients and felt myself so many times.

We need more sleep, we want sleep, we always feel tired and exhausted and rarely feel rested…

Then, when it comes time to sleep, we tend to find everything in the world to do BUT rest our heads and get that very thing we need in a solid way each night.


We all crave to be in control of our time and how we use it and though we know we aren’t at our best unless we get the sleep we need, we still don’t prioritize it. Until we make it more appealing and glamorize it to make it more attractive, we will constantly push it down the list as something to do after everything else gets done.

Don’t fall prey to this! Move sleep up the list and tune in today to get re-inspired for making sleep one of the most important parts of your life.


This episode was brought to you by Muse Meditation Headband for your mindfulness and relaxation pre-sleep routine and Best Self Journal for prioritizing your sleep!!

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