FVY 108: Aging Well versus Getting Old with Jenn "JZ" Zerling and George Veater

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Sep 1, 201852m
FVY 108: Aging Well versus Getting Old with Jenn "JZ" Zerling and George Veater
Sep 1 '1852m
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How is a 75 year old still able to hike the local mountains, maintain a vibrant social network and have the energy to go to  night classes at the local college while others her age might struggle getting in and out of a car? 

Because she DECIDED to. And you can too.

Obviously, there are some things we cannot control, but how we live into our 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond is primarily a choice. And in today's podcast, my guests Jenn "JZ" Zerling and George Veater will empower you to choose a life of vibrant health, starting now. 

Jenn Zerling, MS, CPT has a Masters in Kinesiology, is the author of Breaking the Chains of Obesity: 107 Tools, an Age Management expert, ​founder of JZ Fitness, and Director of fitness programming for Matthew McConaughey’s non-profit foundation, Just Keep Livin. George Veater is a 6X Saddle Bronc Rider Champion, ​successful ​entrepreneur​ having built a financial advisory business serving over ​750 high net worth clients, Fit Because​ ​podcast host,​ and commercial​ ​cattle rancher.​ (George is 54 and as fit as a 20-year-old!)​ Together, they host the podcast "Fit Because" (www.fitbecause.com)

This interview is full of nuggets of wisdom, radical mindset shirfts that have the power to change how you spend the next ten, twenty, thirty years of your life (and beyond)

You'll discover:

Why how you age really is a choice, and how to shift your mindset so that you age well
How to embrace your changing body and practice self care and self compassion at all ages
The #1 thing you must do to age well (and it has nothing to do with nutrition and exercise!)
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