131: How to Change Your Travel Mindset

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May 27, 201919m
131: How to Change Your Travel Mindset
May 2719m
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“I’m going away and don’t want to undo all the progress I’ve made. Do you have any tips or strategies for ‘sticking with it’ when on vacation?” – Julie B., Chilliwack

Dear Julie,

First of all, kudos to you for thinking ahead and looking for solutions. Well done. A very important step to making a lifestyle change is the desire to do it!

I get asked this question a lot- and while there are many tips and strategies for keeping fit on vacation, packing food for long flights, or making healthier restaurant decisions, (I’ve written multiple articles on how to keep in shape on vacation, which I will link to below), the most important thing to work on is the story we tell ourselves, and expectations around our vacations, travel and being out of routine.

For a lot of people, trying to lose weight or get into shape, travelling can be scary. Especially if in the past, vacationing was a time you got off track, overate, over-consumed alcohol, skipped workouts and pledged to ‘get serious’ or commit to ‘clean eating’ when the you’re back. Do you have a pattern of using ‘being out of routine’ to justify every indulgence?

What story are you telling yourself?

Remember that stories are just that, stories. As Ascend Mind Body Eating Coach Kayla van Egdom says “you are the author of your life, not merely a character”.

Listen to this week's podcast to learn some of the more common ‘stories’ we tell ourselves around vacations, and a few ways you can shift your story.

You got this!
Tanja x

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