Aug 26, 201641m
Moira Tobin
Aug 26 '1641m
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Water off a Ducks Back, I’m sure we all know that saying really well. This week’s guest, Moira Tobin, felt it reflected her philosophy on health and fitness so well she named her business after it. A business focused on food that you grow yourself, and physical fitness using the outdoors and your own body. Nothing fancy just plain common sense and using what you do every day to be healthy and well.

Moira had always wanted to walk the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory of Australia. Having been there to see it with her family she had thought it would be too hard for her to do. Then one of her best friends and training partner died suddenly and she realized that life is short and set about training for and completing it.

Moira’s story contains some remarkable insights into the simplicity of keeping well and healthy, and about taking time for yourself so you can be there for other people.

Moira’s big tip drink more water. If you do nothing else, drink more water.

So if you have something you have always wanted to do it then set your goal and make a plan.

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