Building Your Impact With Digital Marketing Expert Emily Hirsh

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Apr 2, 201842m
Building Your Impact With Digital Marketing Expert Emily Hirsh
Apr 2 '1842m
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Join Courtney Bentley as she gets social with Emily Hirsch! From Virtual Assistant to self-made Multimedia Facebook Strategist, as well as the host of her own segment "Emily Tv", Emily Hirsch shares her tips and tricks for being both a mother and a thriving female entrepreneur!  Whether it's having the courage to ask for help, learning how creating structure maintains focus, to being okay with mistakes to say both "Yes" and "No" on your business journey. Lastly the importance of manifesting your dream career by getting in the door, getting experience, and creating results for your clients!

Things You Will Learn In This Episode: 

  • The power of a determined mentality
  • How to maintain focus and clarity in your business
  • How you can be a busy mom, wife and have a successful business
  • How creating structured, segmented goals achieves results
  • How YOU can start your own business by asking yourself these questions:
  • What is my experience?
  • What do I love?
  • How can I offer it as a service?
  • Is an online business something I’m actually interested in?


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