Ep. 218. News: From Loot To Hoot

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May 21, 20181h 3m
Ep. 218. News: From Loot To Hoot
May 21 '181h 3m
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Laura Sarah and David sit down with Charlie Wood, Principal Consultant at Capco, and Simon Vans-Colina, Engineer at Monzo. Laura takes the panel through the latest interesting and in one case, bizarre, stories coming out from the fintech space. Including: Robinhood hits a bullseye, Monzo blocks gambling, and are Irish spies affecting mortgage brokers? All this and so much more on today's episode of Fintech Insider! Subscribe so you never miss an episode and leave a review on iTunes. Spread the fintech love by sharing or tweeting this podcast. Let us know your thoughts @FintechInsiders and join the discussion by signing up at www.fintechinsidernews.com Special Guests: Charlie Wood and Simon Vans-Colina.

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