Episode I -Walking Dead & Some Otha Stuff

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Jan 15, 20181h 27m | se1 : e1
Episode I -Walking Dead & Some Otha Stuff
Jan 15 '181h 27m | se1e1
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MURS & CookBook have decided to let you into the garage!  Where we allow you to peep out our conversations about hip hop, pop culture, and also let you hear us nerd out on the TV shows, movies, & comics that we love and hate.


Episode one finds us chatting about tour stories, our beginnings as emcees, differences in races, the meaning of the shows name, and by the end, ONE. OF. US. QUITS. THE. WALKING. DEAD. FOREVER.  Tune in now to find out who!!!


This is our first episode.  It's a test run.  If you like it, PLEASE let us know!  We won't keep going unless you want it!  HIT US UP!










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