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#31 Born to Run with Vassos Alexander
Oct 10 '181h 1m | se2e31
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“Try it, you will not regret it”

Do you think running is just not for you?  I think it will be hard not to want to give it a go after listening to this week’s podcast with BBC Radio 2 sports presenter, podcast host, author and self-confessed running addict, Vassos Alexander.

Formerly unfit and out of shape, Vassos has now run the Spartathlon – a 153 mile ultramarathon race held annually in Greece.  He shares his journey and gives a fascinating insight into the history behind this event. Vassos believes that it doesn’t matter how far you run or how fast, it is just about getting out there and giving it ago.  And the benefits speak for themselves – he considers running a form of therapy.   This is a lively and engaging conversation and Vassos’s passion for running is palpable – I hope it inspires you!

Show notes available at drchatterjee.com/vassos

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