Ep. 66: Siete Foods on Paleo Tortillas and Business Advice!

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Jun 26, 201637m
Ep. 66: Siete Foods on Paleo Tortillas and Business Advice!
Jun 26 '1637m
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Siete Foods founders Veronica and Miguel join me to talk about their growing business, incredibly delicious (and versatile) Paleo-friendly tortillas, and product-to-market advice. We're back with our 66th episode of the Fed+Fit Podcast! Remember to check back every Monday for a new episode and be sure to subscribe on iTunes! Find us HERE on iTunes and be sure to "subscribe." Episode 66 Links: Order Siete Foods tortillas online HERE. Find Siete Foods on Facebook HERE. Find Siete Foods on Instagram HERE. Episode 66 Transcription Today I’m talking with Veronica and Miguel of Siete foods about their mission, current products, which are some pretty incredible paleo-friendly tortillas; advice they have for someone who wants to bring a product to market; rebranding; and their favorite ways to enjoy their awesome tortillas. Cassy Joy: Well, today we are back with an interview that I am just so excited about. I’ve been working with these folks about wanting to bring them on the podcast for a little while, because I just love this company. I love what their up to, I love the mission and the foundation, and it just feels like; I don’t know if they’ll have me, but I feel like I’m a part of their family. I’m claiming them anyways {laughs}. I know they hear that a lot. Veronica Garza: Yes! Miguel Garza: Well you are a Garcia, so. Cassy Joy: That’s true! Veronica Garza: Close enough! Miguel Garza: Yeah, close enough. Cassy Joy: {laughs} Oh good, well that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Well I am so excited about introducing you guys to Siete foods; specifically, Miguel and Veronica Garza, two members of the family. I’ll let them tell you more about their company, and their products, and their mission. But if you haven’t already seen Siete foods, they have these incredible paleo-friendly tortillas. They have one that is nut free made with cassava flour, and one that is made with almond flour. And I’m sure these guys can jump in and either correct anything that I’m saying that’s wrong, or add all the good details, but they’re just wonderful. I have a pack in my freezer at all times; heat them up; I love to make breakfast tortilla tacos with them and all kinds of great things. So I’m excited to have you guys on the show, and welcome to the Fed and Fit podcast! Veronica Garza: Thank you! We’re excited to be chatting with you. Miguel Garza: Yeah, thank you so much for having us. Cassy Joy: Yeah, oh my gosh. My pleasure. Ok, well let’s go ahead and jump into it. If you guys want to go ahead and tell us a little bit about Siete foods; maybe your mission, how y’all got your start, what current products you do have, and where folks can find them just to cover the bases, and then we’ll get into other fun conversation topics. Veronica Garza: Ok great. So, our business has been around for a couple of years now. We really got started with an original product; an almond flour tortilla about 6 years ago; actually a little longer now. Maybe 7 years. So I started making an almond flour tortilla 7 years ago; I was living in Laredo for many years. I was dealing with a couple of different autoimmune conditions, one of them being lupus. The other is ITP, which is basically low platelet counts. I wasn’t feeling very well, just always sick; often on medication; prednisone, just not taking care of my health, or just not feeling well in general. One of my older brothers, Rob, had suggested that I start following a grain-free diet. He had done a lot of research, and read that it could alleviate a lot of autoimmune symptoms. So I started doing that, and I did start feeling a lot better. Pretty much all of my lupus symptoms went away. It was great because I felt better, but there was definitely some stuff missing in my diet that just made it a little annoying and difficult. Miguel Garza: It was sad; let’s be honest. Cassy Joy: {laughs} Veronica Garza: {laughs}

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