Ep. 56: Set Your Limits vs. Let Your Limits Set Themselves

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Feb 29, 201615m
Ep. 56: Set Your Limits vs. Let Your Limits Set Themselves
Feb 29 '1615m
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The Fed+Fit Podcast | Nurturing a Healthy Mindset for a Healthy Lifestyle We're back with our 56th episode of the Fed+Fit Podcast! Remember to check back every Monday for a new episode and be sure to subscribe on iTunes! Find us HERE on iTunes and be sure to "subscribe." I would LOVE some feedback, so feel free to leave a review in iTunes, comment below, or even give us a shout on social media! Ep. 56: Set Your Limits vs. Let Your Limits Set Themselves Today’s episode is another live Periscope recording, so please excuse some of the poor sound quality. As another live forum, we talk about the difference between defining your limits and allowing your limits to define themselves. Cassy Joy: So today’s episode, or Scope I should say, is going to be another podcast recording. Bonjour! Did I say it right? And I’m actually dialing in from this awesome office that I have access to. It’s a standing treadmill desk is what I’m on right now, and you guys are propped up against my computer screen. So it’s a pretty sweet set up, and I’m very grateful to have access to this. So, what I kind of want to talk about today is, this is, like I said before, another podcast recording that I wanted to do live in case you guys had some questions and we could incorporate that into the show. So in case you don’t know me, and you’re new here, hi there! My name is Cassy Joy Garcia. I am the owner and founder of FedandFit.com. I have a weekly podcast, a healthy mindset, food and fitness podcast that is published every Monday. They’re about 30-minute episodes; today’s is going to be shorter. I have the food blog and an upcoming book, which I announced just this past week. The Fed and Fit Book, you can find it on Amazon. Very exciting stuff. I’m just kind of all over the place. If you guys are long time followers, thank you so much for dialing in, I appreciate it. You guys always feel like family. So what I want to talk about today, and feel free to hop on if you have any questions. I will try to answer as many as I can while I’m going through this work. So just to give you guys an update if you’re curious on what I’ve been working on lately. I’m still working on finishing the book, and that has been a really fun adventure. Honestly, at this point I thought I would be finished; hi from France again! I thought that I would be finished with the book by now, with the manuscript at least, and into just the editing process. But it’s a little bit of a longer process than that. Some things that I had scheduled for myself now are running into me also writing the book and meeting some of my other commitments. So it’s kind of an interesting season, a really fun one. I like being richly scheduled. This is something I really thrive in, which is something I kind of want to talk about today. I want to go into that. So that’s what I’m doing. Monday I’m headed to go do a corporate wellness presentation at another firm out of Houston, Texas this time, so I’ll be hopping in the car and driving myself. And so; oh thank you for the hearts! And so I’m spending the weekend on this treadmill writing and just trying to get ahead of the week. There’s no better feeling than starting off a Monday feeling like you got two bonus days under your wings. Ok, so. What; I do not speak French. I’m a Garcia, actually, and I even speak less Spanish, if you can believe it. Ok, so what I want to talk about today. Today’s episode is defining limits versus growing into them. This is something I’ve come across a lot, not just with people I’ve worked with one on one clients, but also family members, friends. This is something where, if you guys are here, whether if this resonates with you or it resonates because you interact with somebody that is this way. Hi, from San Antonio. Ok, so defining our limits; what are we talking about? I’m a food and fitness; I’m a nutrition consultant, and I have a pretty deep wealth of experience,

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