Ep 56: Sorting HAMILTON Characters w/ Melissa Anelli | A.Ham is TOO COMPLICATED!

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Aug 16, 20191h 15m
Ep 56: Sorting HAMILTON Characters w/ Melissa Anelli | A.Ham is TOO COMPLICATED!
Aug 161h 15m
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Tessa and Brizzy are joined by author, con-oisseur, and Harry Potter website & podcast founding mother Melissa Anelli! Together they tackle the daunting task of sorting all of the main characters of the groundbreaking Broadway show Hamilton! Is Alexander Hamilton a reckless Gryffindor, ambitious Slytherin, or mind-racing Ravenclaw? Is King George an evil Hufflepuff who JUST WANTS FRIENDS? Don’t throw away your shot and listen to this Hammy filled episode- WERK!

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