#81: Helping Kids Have a Healthy Body Image with Linda Stewart and Linda Noble

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Oct 31, 201845m
#81: Helping Kids Have a Healthy Body Image with Linda Stewart and Linda Noble
Oct 31 '1845m
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What happens when our daughter tells us she's fat? Or our son begins to ask questions about his private parts? These questions are enough to throw off any good parent. So how can we raise our kids to have a healthy body image in a culture that has distorted it? That's the conversation we have today with Linda Noble and Linda Stewart, two leading voices helping parents talk to their children about body image and sex through THE Conversation Workshop. This is part one of a two part series. In this episode, Linda and Linda discuss a framework for the Theology of the Body, and how we as parents can be ready anytime these conversations arise with our kids. We discuss: the 2 most common parenting approaches to the body and the one we need to take the 3 truths we need to instill in our kids about their body-selves on an ongoing basis practical questions we receive from parents In the show notes below, you can also gain access to free PDF downloads from THE Conversation Workshop that help you have these conversations with your kids. Show Notes:  To access free PDF conversations of "The Talk" with your kids, click here.  To learn more about THE Conversation Workshop, click here. To subscribe to THE Conversation podcast, click here.      Podcast Sponsors:

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