#33 Championing Your Child’s Love for Learning with Mr. Stuart Tutler

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Oct 25, 201745m
#33 Championing Your Child’s Love for Learning with Mr. Stuart Tutler
Oct 25 '1745m
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Education is one of the most challenging topics for many parents. Do we homeschool our kids? Is it okay to send them to public school? Or should we invest in private school? What about a parent's role in their child's education? How much responsibility should we shoulder versus the school itself? These are questions we tackle in this episode with Mr. Stuart Tutler, the Headmaster of New Hope Academy in Franklin, TN. We describe Mr. Tutler as a student of pedagogy. He has a passion for learning about the methods of teaching. In other words, in this episode, Mr. Tutler shares with us what he's learning to be the best ways to teach kids. Encouraging parents, he answers for us a few questions: Who's responsible for a child's education? How important is it that my child gets good grades? What is the role of experience in a child's education? How do we navigate the private, homeschool, or public school discussion? Why and how should we emphasize wellness (i.e. nutrition, movement, rest, etc.) in our child's education? How can we educate our children--and ourselves--about the history and issues related to both racial reconciliation and empowering the poor? Speaking of these latter two topics, one of the reasons we love New Hope Academy is because they are committed to providing an excellent, Christ-centered education to all students while intentionally reserving 40 to 50 percent of their seats for children from low-income households. With an emphasis on economic and racial diversity, the heart is to teach kids to love all people. Our discussion in this episode ends with ways we as parents can help our children do just that. No matter your choice of schooling, this is a conversation you won't want to miss. Show Notes:  For more information about New Hope Academy, click here. Podcast Sponsors: 22:6 Parenting--Tools for Raising Kids Who Love God and Love Others Forcefield: Screen Time Done Right.   

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