#139: Merry Christmas Surprises From Us

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Dec 25, 201919m
#139: Merry Christmas Surprises From Us
Dec 25 '1919m
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In this episode, we announce some really cool surprises we have been so excited to share with you! There is one really cool personal surprise we can't wait for you to learn. We also raise our glasses to YOU, as we come to a close on 2019, for your commitment to being famous at home and your unwavering friendship to us as we journey together. Our last surprise is for YOU, to have a community for you to stay even more connected to, and to become more famous at home in 2020. Show Notes: Register Now to the discounted rate for Your Family Purpose: A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing Your Family Vision and Values. Click here to join! To join the brand new FAMOUS AT HOME NETWORK, click here.

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