#119: [Best of Part 4] The Common Rule with Justin Whitmel Earley

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Aug 7, 201953m
#119: [Best of Part 4] The Common Rule with Justin Whitmel Earley
Aug 7 '1953m
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Our "Best of" summer series concludes this week with one of our most downloaded episodes of this past season. We believe it speaks to where we are as a culture with the hustle we feel. This episode is about bringing freedom to your life through practical, easy-to-implement, daily habits. The modern world is a machine of a thousand invisible habits, forming us into anxious, busy, and depressed people. The trouble is that our habits are almost invisible to us. In fact, habits form us more than we form them. So what can we do about it? Welcome to The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose in an Age of Distraction. In this week's episode, we interview Justin Whitmel Earley, a mergers and acquisitions lawyer who nearly crashed and burned in his own panicked lifestyle. As a husband and father to four young boys, Justin knew he needed help. In what turned out to be a fateful moment of self-discovery, Justin's compelling story led him to create The Common Rule, four doable daily and four weekly habits designed to help us create new routines and transform frazzled days into lives of love for God and neighbor. Looking for a doable routine for your family that leads to freedom and rest for your soul? This episode is for you. Show Notes:  To purchase The Common Rule, or to learn more, click here.  To purchase What Am I Feeling? or to learn more, click here.

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