#111: Talking to Your Spouse About Sex

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Jun 12, 201940m
#111: Talking to Your Spouse About Sex
Jun 12 '1940m
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Sex is the elephant in the room. At some point, every spouse feels the unspoken tension. For many marriages, the elephant grows bigger after our kids enter the family. In this episode, we call out the elephant in the room and provide ways you and your spouse can begin talking about sex with one another in an emotionally safe way. We talk about: Why sex is so difficult to talk about in the first place How to communicate about sex if past trauma is influencing physical intimacy in your marriage What to do if only one spouse is interested in talking about sex How husbands need to approach the conversation Helpful ways for wives to approach the conversation Why the word "duty" should be banished from the conversation altogether Practical ways to talk about sex in an emotionally safe way Show Notes:  To learn more about marriage coaching, or to set up a free discovery call, click here. To learn more about Onsite Workshops, click here. To learn more about Winshape Marriage Intensives, click here. To find a counselor in your local area, click one of the following: Focus on the Family Network Thriveworks Network  Psychology Today

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