Moms re-entering the workforce & Canada’s new food guide

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Jan 28, 201928m | se2 : e16
Moms re-entering the workforce & Canada’s new food guide
Jan 28 '1928m | se2e16
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Getting back into a career after staying home to raise kids can be daunting, especially competing against people who haven’t left the workforce. According to data from the Harvard Business Review, stay-at-home moms are half as likely to land a job interview compared to moms who get laid off. We speak to a mom who sent out a 100 applications before returning to work after 11 years at home raising three kids. We also get expert advice from Tara Dragon, founder of Work Evolution, and Avra Davidoff, a registered psychologist at Calgary Career Counselling for people trying to land a job following a parenting gap.

Plus, Canada’s new food guide is a major departure from the previous one consumers followed for years. One notable change is that it doesn’t feature cow’s milk as prominently as before. The new guide also eliminates serving sizes. We speak to Emily Mardell, registered dietician and founder of GetJoyfull, for her advice on how to ensure we’re consuming enough protein and calcium.

We’re also joined by Global Edmonton news anchor Carole Anne Devaney. She’s on her third maternity leave and joins us to talk about a difficult decision to give up the family pet.  You can follow Carole Anne on Instagram and Twitter.

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