Episode 072 — Low Hanging Fruit

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Mar 25, 20161h 18m
Episode 072 — Low Hanging Fruit
Mar 25 '161h 18m
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Ben and James continue last week’s discussion about Apple’s struggles with the cloud, then discuss why the iPhone SE is such a brilliant move — and how those two things are related. Plus, an after-show about Microsoft and Intel and what makes for an effective leader. Links Amir Efrati and Steve Nellis: Inside Apple’s Cloud Infrastructure Troubles — The Information Ben Thompson: iCloud and Apple’s Founding Myth — Stratechery Adam Lashinsky: The Cook Doctrine at Apple — Fortune Ben Thompson: Apple Music and Apple’s Focus — Stratechery Ben Thompson: Two Bears — Stratechery Ben Thompson: What Clayton Christensen — Stratechery … Continue reading Episode 072 — Low Hanging Fruit

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