Episode 059 — Fashion in PC Gaming

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Nov 20, 20151h 7m
Episode 059 — Fashion in PC Gaming
Nov 20 '151h 7m
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Ben and James discuss PC Gaming and the fascinating way in which it monetizes, leading to a wide-ranging discussion about how business has changed because of the Internet. This episode is sponsored by Wealthfront. See recommended portfolios and get up to $15,000 managed for free by visiting Wealthfront.com/Exponent. Links Chris Dixon: Lessons From the PC Video Game Industry — Medium Jared Sinclar: Saving the iPad — JaredSinclair.com Ben Thompson: Grantland and the (Surprising) Future of Publishing — Stratechery Ben Thompson: TensorFlow and Monetizing Intellectual Property — Stratechery Justin Williams: The Chicken or the iPad Pro — Medium Ben Thompson: Games … Continue reading Episode 059 — Fashion in PC Gaming

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