Episode 032 – Follow-up and Frustration (Updated)

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Jan 23, 20151h 7m
Episode 032 – Follow-up and Frustration (Updated)
Jan 23 '151h 7m
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Note: I originally uploaded the wrong file. The correct file is 1:07 long, not 1:17. I am reposting this as many podcast clients download the file immediately. We briefly follow-up on last week’s copyright discussion, discuss Ben’s article on what the technology adoption curve gets wrong about Apple and Xiaomi, and then react to Microsoft’s Windows 10 (and Project HoloLens) presentation Links Stratechery Forum Discussion about Episode 30: Flabbergasted – Stratechery Forums (members-only) Ben Thompson: The End of Trickle-Down Technology – Stratechery Ben Thompson: Part 1 of an Interview with Xiaomi VP of International Hugo Barra on India and Xiaomi’s … Continue reading Episode 032 – Follow-up and Frustration (Updated)

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