Jasmine Marcelin On Diversity, Bias, & Foreign Medical Graduates

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Jun 3, 201952m
Jasmine Marcelin On Diversity, Bias, & Foreign Medical Graduates
Jun 352m
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"I am in a unique position to be a voice where some people may not feel empowered to be that voice because of all that they have gone through" Jasmine Marcelin is a prototype modern physician, she wears many hats which are deeply mission-driven. She joins us to discuss the impact of diverse teams on patient care, where her focus comes from,  &dealing with bias as a woman of color & and as a foreign medical graduate. Key Learnings 1. Defining the skill set for the 21st Century physician as Pluripotent 2. How to avoid perception of "dabbling" when doing many different things 3. The importance of recognizing our patient's diversity and how it positively impacts care 4.  How Jasmine's practice and outlook were informed by her mother's breast cancer diagnosis & subsequent treatment 5. Teaching the "hidden curriculum" in medicine and the value of "In Shock" by Rana Awdish 6. The importance of ensuring patients feel like they're being taken seriously and avoiding labeling a patient as "difficult" 7. Becoming a doctor as a black women, and when she first began to experience racial bias and microaggressions 8. Wherein Jasmine speaks Pure Fire. Just pure fire 9. A painful & important discussion around bias and aggression aimed at foreign medical graduates 10. The value proposition of diversity in medical leadership, and the next phase of Jasmine's career

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