#TrendingJewish 19: Old School Reporting

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Aug 28, 201835m
#TrendingJewish 19: Old School Reporting
Aug 28 '1835m
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Zoe Greenberg talks about what it is like to be a reporter and researcher for the New York Times. The 26-year-old tells talks about working with noted columnists like Nicholas Kristof; she once researched the number of Americans who die annually in bathtub accidents. We also hear about her original reporting, particularly for the Metro section, and how her colleagues broke the Harvey Weinstein story. Zoe recounts why she got into journalism at a time when the traditional business model for newspapers has broken down and during an era of deep division in American civic and political life. Zoe also delves into what it is like to be raised by a Reconstructionist rabbi, and we talk about what millennials are looking for in Jewish community and Jewish experiences. Subscribe by Email This podcast is produced by Reconstructing Judaism. Visit us at ReconstructingJudaism.org (https://ReconstructingJudaism.org). Special Guest: Zoe Greenberg.

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