Clement Greenberg: Avant Garde and Kitsch

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Nov 13, 20171h 33m
Clement Greenberg: Avant Garde and Kitsch
Nov 13 '171h 33m
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What is art? It's a perennial, impossible question, one made even more difficult to answer by the fact that so many people tend to bristle - in America especially - at the idea of making quality distinctions between serious art and mere entertainment in the first place. In this episode, Joe & Josh sorta try to provide a defense of whatever "art" is, with help from Clement Greenberg's seminal essay "Avant-Garde and Kitsch." Join them as they lament the middling taste of their friends and acquaintances, take gratuitous potshots at beloved pop culture franchises, and struggle to describe what makes a work truly original. But it's not just about good aesthetics; as Greenberg argues, kitsch is not just tacky, it's politically toxic. And while it's hard for the future to look much bleaker than it must have in 1939, when Greenberg penned this attack on consumerism's dumbing down of culture, your hosts are... not optimistic. Read the original here: Let us know what you think:

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