Ted's House (Enneagram Type 5) - Episode 17

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Jun 3, 20181h 29m
Ted's House (Enneagram Type 5) - Episode 17
Jun 3 '181h 29m
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Today we're talking about Type 5s, the investigators, observers, the ones who speak in soliloquy

We researched a lot of celebrities for today's episode

We talked about Kanye, his new album, bipolar disorder and mental health

Resources for today include: Deep Living, The Complete Enneagram, Richard Rohr, Stackings, The Tao of Feeling, A Course in Miracles

What is your Enneagram animal?

Who's walking in on your privacy today? We'll get 'em

Ted Kaczynski's 35,000-word Manifesto

A chart that mentions how Enneagram 7s have trouble with detachment at type 5

Fives: we hope you enjoy our instructions on how to leave your door open

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