Apr 13, 20181h 21m
Episode 215 – Welsh, Punjabi & Bumzone
Apr 13 '181h 21m
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Elis James sends texts to John Robins in complete confidence: John Robins broadcasts them to the nation. It’s why this show just WORKS. A brilliant show which will tell you why John is meek and why Elis is the best guy to go to if you’re unsure of which historic football memorabilia to buy for a loved one’s birthday. All that plus the Humblebrags, John’s Shame Well & some brilliant Emails from the gorgeous PCDs. Remember, you can get in touch on Saturday@radiox.co.uk (if you’re on e-mail. You’ve got to be on e-mail), and you can tune in across the UK every Saturday from 1pm til 4pm! Keep it session. Keep it Radio X. saturday@radiox.co.uk http://www.elisandjohn.com/ https://elisandjohnmerch.com/ You can see John on tour!! Go to https://www.johnrobins.com/gigs for details!

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