May 31, 201736m
BONUS PODCAST – World’s Richest Drummers
May 31 '1736m
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If you want thorough political analysis, you’ve come to the right podcast. If you don’t, you’ll probably be fine here too. Elis & John compiled the Radio X Manifesto today, discovered what it is to be Manc, and Elis even tried his hand at street performing. All this plus the usual stuff – Humble Brag Of The Day, John’s Shame Well, and a little bit of Googling the Travel! Elis & John are back on your radio for the next fortnight between 4pm and 7pm, and are on air on Saturdays as usual from 1pm til 4pm. You can get in touch on (if you’re on e-mail. You’ve got to be on e-mail). Keep it session. Keep it Radio X.

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