Episode 13 - Google & Amazon News

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May 10, 201726m
Episode 13 - Google & Amazon News
May 10 '1726m
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As an eCommerce merchant you have to pay attention to Amazon and Google.  Google is likely one of your top traffic channels.  Amazon is either enemy or partner #1 or perhaps they’re your top frenemy.  In this episode we dive into recent Google and Amazon news and what it means for your business.  Here are some of the highlights: 
- Google Shopping - Google will roll this out on the display network, calling it Retail Shopping on Display.  
-  Google Shopping Q1 2017 year over year growth outpaced Q4 Year over year 21% vs. 19%. 
- Google Shopping/PLAs now 75% of non-branded retail clicks.  
- Google shopping spend grew 32% in Q1 for year over year
- Google AdWords phone and desktop spend increased 51% and 12%, respectively, while tablet spend fell 23%.
- Similar Audiences for Search & Shopping 
- Demographics for Search
- YouTube TV - similar to sling box.  
- Original content via YouTube Red.  6 Shows including shows feature Ellen, Kevin Hart, and Ryan Seacrest.  
- 18-49 year olds spend more time on YouTube in prime time than watch the top 10 TV shows combined.  
- YouTube Scandal - big brand ads placed next to neo nazi and jihadist content.  5% of top advertisers pulled ads.  
- Q1 earnings - Sales grew 23%. $35.7 billion in sales, $8billion in growth.  
- AWS grew 42% to $3.66B
 - Subscription services $1.94 Billion mainly Amazon Prime - 49% YoY
-  Making prime sticky with original content - Manchester by the Sea won two oscars.  Best actor - Casey Affleck and Best Director.
- Purchased the rights to Thursday night football 
- Amazon Prime is closing in on Costco in terms of members.  Now roughly 80 million prime users in the US.  37% growth since last year.  In March of 2017 costco has 88.1 million members.  
- Amazon Fresh pickup 
- Amazon Go Store 

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