What's new in .NET Core RC2

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May 14, 20161h 1m
What's new in .NET Core RC2
May 14 '161h 1m
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On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, Jeff Fritz from Microsoft talks about the .NET Core RC2 release. Changes in the CLI, package.json, and the Standard Library are discussed. http://developer.telerik.com/featured/net-core-goes-rc2/ 0:00:00 Ed Charbeneau: This podcast is part of the Telerik Developer Network. Telerik, a progress company. [music] 0:00:11 EC: Hello, and welcome to Eat Sleep Code, the official Telerik podcast. I’m your host, Ed Charbeneau, and with me today is Sam Basu and Jeff Fritz. Morning guys. It’s Friday the 13th, how you doing? 0:00:24 Sam Basu: Morning. 0:00:25 Jeffrey Fritz: I’m terrified. What’s gonna go wrong today? Look out. [laughter] 0:00:31 EC: Now, I’ve got Sam here from Telerik. Sam, why don’t you give yourself a brief introduction for folks, let everybody know what you do? 0:00:40 SB: Sure thing. So just like Ed, I’m a developer advocate with Telerik. Advocates are evangelists, we really don’t do anything, we just talk about stuff and try to shy away from the really hard stuff. No, I’m just kidding. We try to stay on top of technology and especially on the Microsoft stacks, so I think it’s great to have Jeff on with us today, I think we’ve got some big changes coming and it’s exciting. So that’s me. 0:01:06 EC: And Jeff Fritz, you’re working with Microsoft now, why don’t you give everybody a quick intro as well. 0:01:12 JF: Yeah, hey there. I’m Jeff Fritz, I do work for Microsoft, I’m part of the ASP dot NET Developer Outreach Team. It’s our job to put together some of the content, manage some of the social interactions, the blog posts, the videos that you’re gonna see and use to learn more about ASP dot NET core dot NET Core. And I also manage the ASP dot NET web forums team. So I do a little bit of everything there for Microsoft. 0:01:41 EC: It sounds like you’re a really busy guy over at Microsoft these days especially with all of the new things happening with ASP dot NET and dot NET Core, so we wanted to have you on the show today to talk about those huge changes and the big release coming up. So why don’t we go ahead and start things off with just an overview, I guess, of what’s happening in dot NET land. Find the full transcript on Telerik Developer Network http://developer.telerik.com/featured/net-core-goes-rc2/

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