Sep 5, 201759m
Humbling Moments
Sep 5 '1759m
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Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter present today's international round table discussion on life's "Humbling Moments". Guests Cie Cie Nguyen, ShaRon Jamison, Cathy Kravfe, Angela Breidenbach, Alex Okoroji, Frankie Picasso, and Amanda Testa join Sandra and Linda today. Life tends to humble you, and this amazing international group of gifted women share their moments and understanding of humility versus hubris and how “nothing teaches or reaches like pain” (ShaRon Jamison). How does social media “interrupt” our lives, arms-length judgment is sometimes troubling, and how do we bounce back and endure? Also on iTunes and produced by Beck Multimedia. Celebrating vibrant, charismatic women everywhere!

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