Distillers switch to making sanitiser as COVID-19 shatters drinks industry

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Apr 8, 202016m | se5 : e1
Distillers switch to making sanitiser as COVID-19 shatters drinks industry
Apr 816m | se5e1
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Rye whiskey company The Gospel Distillers is one of many Australian distilleries that has adapted extremely quickly into producing sanitiser in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

The virus has wreaked havoc on the drinks industry, and The Gospel co-founder Andrew Fitzgerald joins me to discuss the impacts on his business.

We discuss how the Melbourne distillery got the sanitiser project off the ground in a matter of days, and Andrew's concerns about the profiteering he believes is occurring with the supply of sanitiser to essential services providers.

Andrew also tells us a bit about The Gospel's original reason for being, which is not sanitiser but whiskey, made using rye sourced from the renowned South Australian grain growing region of Murray Mallee.

Our thoughts are with the hospitality industry and all its suppliers as they navigate through these trying times.

Shout out to Matt and Pete at my old stomping ground, Radio Brews News. They've launched a new daily podcast show called The Antidote where each day they have different guests from the beer industry talking about some of the challenges they are facing due to the coronavirus.

I joined Matt & Pete on The Antidote earlier this week, so you can hear that and other episodes by finding and subscribing to Radio Brews News wherever you listen to your podcasts.

A massive thank you to our partners Bintani and Fever-Tree for sticking by the show during this uncertain period. It literally would not happen without their support.

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