Aug 8, 20181h 21m
Benjamin Loomes and Jenny Bendel of Syrinscape
Aug 8 '181h 21m
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Syrinscape is an awesome tool for Dungeon Masters to add sound effects and music to their game with a simple-to-use interface. Benjamin Loomes and Jenny Bendel stop by the office to record some voices for the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist sound pack coming to Syrinscape on September 7, and we pulled them into our studio to talk about developing Syrinscape, being a Wizards employee back in the day, and opera singing. In Lore You Should Know: Where do mind flayers come from? Chris Perkins lets us all know! Here's a guide to when each segment on the podcast begins: 00:00: Intro with Greg Tito 09:25: Lore You Should Know with Chris Perkins 28:35: Interview with Syrinscape 1:11:00: Outro with just Greg Tito

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