How to Vote For Your Soul - Sarah Blondin

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Mar 18, 201956m | se3 : e22
How to Vote For Your Soul - Sarah Blondin
Mar 1856m | se3e22
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How do you rise above your growth points and your fear, and show up for yourself every day? Sarah Blondin had no intention of helping people heal their souls, but her daily practice of journaling catapulted her Live Awake podcast, a sensational self guided meditation. She shares how to take responsibility for your healing in times of pain, how to trust in your intuition, why your authentic material is the key to universal truth, and what brilliant things can happen when you vote for your soul. - Download the free cheat sheet! - Preorder Cathy's book! - Thanks Kopari! - Thank you Skillshare! - Thanks Third Love! - Thanks Hello Monday! Listen at

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