How to Use Live Video | Q&A - Luria Petrucci

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Aug 28, 20171h 5m | se1 : e34
How to Use Live Video | Q&A - Luria Petrucci
Aug 28 '171h 5m | se1e34
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Cathy joins Luria Petrucci, Podcast Hall of Fame inductee and live video expert to answer some of your questions at Podcast Movement. How do you balance all your passions? Should you quit your day job, or stay financially responsible (but also slightly miserable)? When should a side hustle start making a profit? Luria also shares her journey of building a tech podcast with millions of followers, then switching gears to teach live video strategies. She explains how you can build valuable relationships online, how often you should go live, what two types of content you should stream, and why being scared is a great sign. Thanks to Blue Apron! Check out this week’s menu and get your first three meals FREE — with FREE SHIPPING — at Thanks to Society 6! Get 20% off and FREE shipping by going to and enter dreamjob at checkout.

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