How to Craft a Life You Love - Amy Tangerine

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Jul 23, 20181h 4m | se2 : e30
How to Craft a Life You Love - Amy Tangerine
Jul 23 '181h 4m | se2e30
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How do you craft a soul, a mindset, and habits that lead to purpose and joy? Amy Tangerine, fashion designer, scrapbooker, author, and craft extraordinaire has sold her designs in Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, traveled the world to teach the art of scrapbook making, and collaborated with craft empires like American Crafts - but she's always looking for that next creative opportunity that deserves a big "yes!" She sheds her advice on how to know your worth when you set your price, how to launch a new product, and how to give yourself permission to explore the next great chapter of your life. Join our live Don't Keep Your Day Job Workshop in Los Angeles! Thank you Blue Apron! Check out this week’s menu and get your first 3 meals free—by going to Thanks Rothy's! Go to to get your cute shoes & free shipping. Thanks to Slack! Slack: Where work happens. Go to to learn more.

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