How to Become A Broadway Star - Jessica Vosk

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Feb 21, 201952m | se3 : e15
How to Become A Broadway Star - Jessica Vosk
Feb 2152m | se3e15
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How did a successful Wall Street career girl find the courage to leave a stable job and pursue a Broadway dream? Jessica Vosk took her panic attacks as a sign that she wasn't where she could serve the most, so she took the leap to become a Broadway performer and musical extraordinaire. However, the journey was far from easy. She shares the work it took to become Elphaba in Wicked, how to live without regret, and how accepting and sharing your transparent self is the most empowering act you can do for others. - Pre-order Cathy's book! - Then get 50% off your coaching sessions with Cathy! and code BOOK - Also get a super discounted $25 Dreamtopia Workshop ticket! and code BOOK - Join a DKYDJ meetup group! - Listen to One Plus One on Apple Podcasts, Pandora, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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